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Arizona Guide to Eating Seasonally

By: Morgan Trout

Why eat seasonally?

As you may know, fruits and vegetables can only grow for a certain part of the year. When we get crops out of season, they've grown in another part of the world where the climate is optimal. The crop travels long distances causing plenty of unnecessary pollution. Plus, they pick the fruits and veggies early, meaning you're not getting fresh produce. Choosing local in-season crops is more sustainable and has more flavor and nutrients!

What’s in Season?

  • Apples, July through September

  • Apricots, May through June

  • Arugula, September through May

  • Asparagus, March, and April

  • Basil, August through November

  • Beets, November through May

  • Black-eyed peas, July through September

  • Blackberries, May and early June

  • Blueberries, June and early July

  • Bok Choy, October through March

  • Broccoli, October through March

  • Broccoli raab, December through March

  • Brussels sprouts, December through March

  • Cabbage, January through April

  • Carrots, October through May

  • Celery, January through April

  • Chiles, July through September

  • Clementines, December through March

  • Corn, June through October

  • Cucumbers, April through September

  • Dates, October and November

  • Figs, June through October

  • Garlic, February through July

  • Grapefruit, December through March

  • Grapes, July and August

  • Green beans, June through October

  • Green onion/scallions, October through March

  • Greens, December through May

  • Herbs, year-round

  • Key Limes, October and November

  • Kohlrabi, December through March

  • Leeks, December through July

  • Lemons, December through April

  • Lettuce, October through May

  • Melons, June through August

  • Nectarines, May through July

  • Okra, July through September

  • Onions, April through July

  • Oranges, December through March

  • Parsnips, December through March

  • Peaches, May through August

  • Pears, mid-August through September

  • Peas, April through June

  • Plums & Pluots, June through August

  • Potatoes, April through October

  • Pumpkins, August through November

  • Radishes, October through May

  • Radishes, July through October

  • Rutabagas, December through March

  • Shelling Beans, July through September

  • Spinach, October through May

  • Squash (summer), April through September

  • Squash (winter), August through November

  • Strawberries, February through April

  • Sweet Onions, April through June

  • Sweet Peppers, July through October

  • Sweet Potatoes, December through March

  • Tangerines, December through March

  • Tomatoes, May through November

  • Turnips, October through March

  • Zucchini, April through September

Did you know?

The month of November is officially Arizona Leafy Greens Month! Arizona is one of the leading lettuce producers in the US providing over a quarter of the American lettuce supply. To celebrate, make sure you are incorporating plenty of leafy greens into your diet this winter!

To learn more about eating seasonally, visit these links:

Updated: July 3, 2022


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