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owners of wok this way

Welcome to Wok This Way, LLC!

We are Arizona's first certified green food truck with a cause. Our 100% vegetarian/vegan Asian wok style food truck uses fresh organic ingredients to create delicious flavors while empowering individuals in the disability community with employment opportunities.

Thank you for supporting our mission!

My nephew, Jake, was born with Down Syndrome. From the start we were bonded!  We are involved in the Special Olympics, hiking, and cooking! He has developed into a wonderful chef, and this is where the concept began. We had pop up restaurants throughout the valley, tasting parties, and years of hard work to get where we are today. He has inspired me to look at what other individual strengths are and to build on them.  So, along came the food truck with a cause!


We have had the food truck business since 2017. You will find us all around the valley from Super Bowl 2023, NCAA Music Festival 2024, Cubs spring training games, Weddings, Corporate Events, and many more festivals and events throughout the truck season in Arizona.

"Join us in making a difference for yourself  and together we can create a more  sustainable world."



I enjoyed the pancit canton "lo mein" noodles and vegan beef! I'm not even vegan! Just delicious! The perfectly cooked crisp carrots added a nice crunch to the dish.


birthday noodle lo mein

Jean, from Maricopa, AZ

Looking for a light and refreshing salad that packs a punch of flavor? Look no further than their Sunomono Salad! With a delicious hint of zing, this salad is sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied.


sunomono cucumber salad

Michele, from Phoenix, AZ

"If you're a foodie like me, you know that some dishes are worth traveling for. And for me, one of those dishes is Pad Thai with perfectly cooked tofu. I can't resist saying 'Gimme Some Pad Thai' whenever I see it on the menu. It's just that good!"
Christi Lynn, Scottsdale, AZ


gimme some tofu pad thai
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