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We Are Certified Green! What Exactly Does That Mean?

Here at Wok This Way, we pride ourselves in being the first Certified Green food truck in Arizona. And, are paving the way for sustainable food trucks to come. If you are wondering what exactly it takes to become Certified Green then you have come to the right place!

So far we have been awarded three certifications: the Green Restaurant Certification, Platinum-Green Business, and the Green Business Certification. To meet the standards for these certifications, we use the following sustainable products and techniques.

1. Water Efficiency:

We regularly check for leaks and limit our water use.

2. Composting and Recycling:

We have labeled waste bins at our events. We will also have user-friendly recycle and compost guides to display on our bins!

3. Conscious Products:

We use paper products composed of recycled materials and use of only non-toxic cleaning agents.

We're proud to have earned these certifications and are not stopping here. Soon we'll have solar panels on the truck to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our fossil fuel dependence. To save more water, we'll collect and use greywater to irrigate plant life in our community.

​Did You Know? Cars, trucks, and boats are the main contributors of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide in the air we breathe. These poisonous gases cause smog on warm days as well as respiratory illnesses. Switching to electric or offsetting your emissions is a great start! Learn more at:

Updated: July 3, 2022


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