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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Green food practices

Holiday meals are a delicious and favorite way to celebrate the season. Keep your meals eco-friendly by saving leftovers to reduce waste. You can also try a few meatless recipes, like vegan pot pies or latkes!

Using real dinnerware is another simple way to reduce food-related waste.

Reduce Waste

Presents are a fun tradition in many celebrations, but they tend to use a lot of paper! The easiest way to reduce paper waste this holiday season is by changing how you wrap gifts.

By wrapping presents in recyclable or zero waste wrapping paper, you can make the change simple. Recyclable paper can be bought at most stores. While zero waste wrapping paper can be found at Water Leaf Paper Co.

You can also think ahead and save unripped wrapping paper for next year!

Smart Shopping

Shopping happens year round, but is very big during the holidays. Shop green by purchasing from local stores rather than online. This cuts the emissions used during shipping as well as reduces packaging.

Another option is opting for handmade gifts, which are more personal and heart-felt.


If you get a Christmas tree, try to find a pesticide-free tree. Plantable trees are also a good choice and can be placed in the ground after the festivities are over.

Dispose of trees through a local or city program that turns trees into mulch or wood chips. Christmas tree recycling programs:

Decorating the tree or house with LED lights. They're a great way to save energy and stay festive. These can be found at most home improvement stores.


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