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Inclusion & Diversity

A welcoming work environment is an integral value of our company. Wok This Way has been dedicated to empowering individuals from the start. To follow through on our goal, we have utilized inclusive language, open-door practices, and more. We want a workplace where everyone feels safe, welcome, and appreciated.

VIP Employees

One of our founders has down-syndrome and was the inspiration for our Wok This Way Prepped Program. This is a training program for employees with special needs, titled VIP employees. We hope this prepares our employees with everything they need to succeed and thrive.


Our inclusive values, and goal to empower individuals with special needs, remains a foundational aspect of Wok This Way. Which is why, we address our need for a welcoming environment within our policy and procedures. We hope this reflects our intention and commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity.

To learn more about us as an employer, please check out our previous blog post: A Company That Cares


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