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A Company that Cares

Wok This Way has always been a food truck with a cause. And as our business grows, we’re making more changes to improve our efforts for a better future. This includes creating a safe workplace for people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Creating a Welcoming Culture

One of our goals is to reduce inequalities and promote social justice. Equal opportunity employment is vital to this goal and is an important piece of our company. Further, we want a workplace where everyone feels safe, welcome, and appreciated.

Here are some of the things we will do to achieve this:

  • Use inclusive language

  • Make accommodations for people with disabilities.

  • Provide parental leave and flexible work arrangement policies.

  • Hire and train employees through job-related criteria.

  • Allow employees to take religious or national holidays. Even if they are not included in our company's official schedule.

  • Train employees on communication and diversity.

  • Have open-door practices, so employees can report discrimination and/or harassment without fear.

  • Provide mental health benefits

  • Pay fair wages to all employees

Special Needs Employment

Wok This Way’s co-owner and cook, Jake, has down-syndrome. He was the original inspiration for the truck and is integral to all parts of the company. With him in mind, our company empowers special needs individuals through employment.

One in four American adults has a disability. One of the biggest challenges for these individuals is the social and physical barriers found all around us. We do everything within our power to ensure our VIP employees have what they need to succeed and thrive. Including on-the-job training programs through the Wok This Way Prep Kitchen.

Mental Health Benefits

All people experience changes to their physical or mental health. In fact, 1-in-5 adults experience some form of mental illness each year. We know how stressful the food industry can be and that employees may face stressful situations outside of work. Mental health is a fundamental part of life, and we want our team to have the resources they need to feel their best.

We're dedicated to the well-being of our team. As part of our commitment, we have added a mental healthcare benefit. Employees now have access to a free subscription to the Calm app to help cope with life stressors. The app has guided meditations, mindfulness programs, and breathing exercises.

We hope all future and current members find this resource useful in their work and daily lives.

To learn more about our company's values and initiatives, check out our sustainability story.


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