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Easy & Affordable Steps To Go Green

There are many ways to go green, but some are expensive and complicated. At Wok This Way, we start with simple ways to help the planet and are here to help you do the same.

Here are our tips for an easy sustainable lifestyle:

1. Eat more plants

Eating less meat is good for both your body and the environment. Meat consumption contributes to greenhouse gasses and global warming. If you're not ready to be vegetarian or vegan, that’s okay! Even participating in meatless Mondays can help.

You can check out “Why Go Vegan” to learn more.

2. Reducing waste

Reducing and Reusing can help fight climate change. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, prevents pollution, and saves energy. To top it off, it can help you save money as well. Some ways you can reduce waste includes:

  • Buy food locally and get only what you need. If you can, start composting your food scraps.

  • Donate your old clothing and electronics, so your items can be reused by others.

  • Buy products made of recycled materials. And, recycle what you can.

Learn more about reducing waste in our post, All Things Zero Waste.

3. Carpool and public transportation

Carpooling and public transportation are two ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They can also help you avoid high gas prices, it’s a win-win.

4. Conserve water

The EPA estimates that the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day. This large amount of water-use can contribute to water scarcity and hurt the environment. Here are some ways to reduce water use:

  • If washing dishes by hand, plug the sink.

  • Set your washing machine to use cold water rather than hot or warm water.

  • Put a cover over your pool to reduce evaporation when it’s not being used.

  • Switch to Watersense products. With a Watersense showerhead, your family can save an estimated 2,700 gallons of water. You’d also save more than $70 in energy and water costs every year.

5. Shop second hand

Buying secondhand clothing, furniture, and other items is cheaper and reduces waste. There’s plenty of secondhand shops with incredible items waiting for you.


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