Arizona's First Certified Green Restaurant

Food Truck

 We are Arizona's First CERTIFIED GREEN Food Truck with a Cause. We empower through employment with special needs individuals. Our food truck is now 100% compostable including all utensils, containers, paper and environmentally-friendly transactions and ordering.


We use flavor through freshness! You will not find a can opener on this truck!  We provide healthy, organic local produce, plant based protein , gluten free options,  non gmo and vegetarian/vegan asian menu food truck.


Our mission is providing healthy food alternative with hopes in reducing the current statistics reporting two thirds of all children and adults in Arizona are either overweight or obese. These children and adults have an elevated risk for a range of health and emotional problems — now and well into the future. “Overweight and Obesity Statistics”. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases


Email us at: or call us at (602)689-5040

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Phoenix, Arizona